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It's a particularly elephant-y time around here. I am admittedly a little frayed around the edges but i have the capacity to handle it, i know that this is due to some calendar item triggers, and i can believe that Christine will get the elephants in hand again in February. As i plan for my 50th trip around the sun, i will note that there will likely be this challenge again with the holidays and events into January.

The weekend was otherwise full of exertion. Saturday morning my sister and i accompanied my mother to a NIA class -- an exercise class that mixes tai chi, yoga, dance, martial arts, etc into a very vibrant and fun practice. Lots of messages from the practitioners that one should just do what feels good. I hope i modeled that well for my mother as i was generous with myself at my left-right confusion, my routine flailing, and my only arm participation when i felt the need to protect my ankle. Mom seemed to grow into some comfort with it, and we will do it again.

I will be delighted to do it on really frigid or wet rainy days. Saturday was a good yard work day, and i had little pouts about using all that energy not on the yard. I did get the pollinator seed mix planted in the circle of the driveway island and other raking done. The raking plus arm exercises? Ooohhhhh. Hot bath was required.

Yesterday, after Meeting and lunch, i did more raking. Now all the mossy areas are glowing green, so pleasant with all the drab winter colors. My understanding is that moss grows at just above 32°F (given water and light) and so getting the leaves off helps all the little plants beat the big ol' vascular plants that are hibernating. I realized that there were areas that were just raw dirt last winter that have a moss carpet now. The year's worth of growth is satisfying. Here's hoping that it can soon get thick enough to deter the blasted stilt grass.

I also lopped down small trees in the orchard area and managed to drop a tree straight down on my foot. A perfect circular bruise.

It's gotten frigid again, and the forecast calls for snow showers on Wednesday.

I broke down and bought birdseed. I'll try again to put the broom corn (sorghum) out where i poured the purchased seed. Maybe it will be interesting now that the birds know to look for food there?

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