E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Looking back on last year's planning

I did much of my planing for my 49th year using iPad's Paper app to make a notebook. The wheel of the year i drew seemed like a plausible plan, but, well, not so much in follow through. On the other hand, i engaged with therapy and i think i've pulled out of the negative framing and state that had me start going. Presenting cause was an exhaustion with elephants, but procrastination and self care have become our focus.

So there's a hope that this year will have more energy for doing available.

I had planned to take on the garage in May. I think i will move that earlier in spring this year. I hope i don't quite have as much gardening from scratch to do as i did last year, creating the beds from the raw tilled plot. And the earlier, the cooler it will be to work in there.

I had wanted to spend the hot months inside: finish unpacking and hang our wall art, spend time with friends & family, photography and fiber. I'm not sure i really recall what i did those months. (Skims journal.) Well, i think i did do a *little* toward those goals then. I did some beadwork, and there are notes about my brother's family's visit and "stopping off" at my parents. We've unpacked a great deal, but the garage needs to make room for any more unpacking. I think we're approaching ready to hang art. But i also worked outside far more than i expected, i think.

I didn't schedule anything for now through the end of February, the end of my year. I think i can redirect some attention to habits and to the garage.

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