E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Last night, after Christine & i watched our episode of Longmire, i put on dog sledding videos for Carrie. We probably flipped through various youtube videos for about thirty minutes before i had enough. Carrie was still engaged though.

I'm still not sure how guilty i feel about entertaining our dog with a screen.

I let her run off leash around our property for the first time in ages ... Sunday, i think. Deer hunting season is over; i don't think the folks who own the parcel for hunting are likely to be out there for open season on coyotes or skunks or other small mammals. We were at the back of the lot, Carrie running madly in the neighbor's woods, i was picking up deadfall along the property line. This was eased by how clearly the bit of surveyor's tape stood out against the snow. Carrie was pretty much ignoring me when i called, but since she was back in the woods i wasn't getting upset or worried.

I've noticed some of her puppy behaviors are slackening -- most financially important is that shoe chewing is down -- so i do hope for a little settling. I do hope the orchard will give her enough room to run, although i expect we will have a long mud season as we wait for plants to establish.

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