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Sunday's adventure in adulting was, as mentioned yesterday, that our pump house froze. A 100' outdoor extension cord and two 150 watt incandescent bulbs did the trick. Well, plus time. Which was long enough to get a little concerned whether it would be enough.

Christine also bought halogen work lights. I suggested they were unnecessary, given she had found the 150 watt bulb outdoor lights, but she wanted to be sure. After getting the pump house rigged Christine put together the two 500W work lights. She now chuckles sheepishly having seen them on. We've got the lights in the garage (which was at 22°F) shining on the water filtration system. The lights also mean we can actually see the garage well enough to clean it after dark. I could mow the yard after dark with these lights. Yowza. The more i think about it, the more i like the idea of being able to work outside after dark in the next few months. It seems so far away, the the sauna days will come.

Our road finally got plowed. Given that we might soar up to 40° today, well, i guess it's less to melt and be wet. I suppose i was inspired and i cleaned the walk. This powder snow is not the usual North Carolina type of snow so it was rather delightful to be able to sweep the last bits of snow off after shoveling off most of it. So very very dry.

Driving around i also noted how our slight slope with northern exposure is significant enough to make a difference between still having a thick layer of snow vs dots in the grass. The northernmost area of the yard has melted: an indication of how shaded we are by the pines in with the sun low in the south.

We did our weekly grocery run early as Christine has oral surgery coming on Tuesday. There probably was a bit of overbuying after feeling a little snowbound for a couple of days.

I haven't yet decided how i'm celebrating the temperatures getting above freezing.

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