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Some quick notes:

SNOW! We actually got 3". It was beautiful in the moonlight early this morning, and now the morning is dawning brightly. I do not remember snow sticking around under sunlight in my childhood. As soon as the sun came out it was warm enough to all melt away. This subfreezing cold snap plus snow -- two years in a row! -- is weird weather for here. Ditto the snow before Christmas this year. Last year the garden benefited by snow first, then cold. Now it's been cold for days, and the snow is on top of frozen ground.

Stress. I realized in talking it over that i hadn't been talking myself up to a stressed state, but that the stress is just due to apprehension around a new role that i will engage in today and the long list of New Things i will be thinking about. I didn't need to beat myself up for beating myself up! I think i can "make friends" with this apprehension-stress, and not be judgemental of it as failing in my attempt to care for myself. (YES, i DO know this is twisty twisty judgemental thinking!)

Dad: called to debrief about Mom and the game. Mom asked to go exercise yesterday morning, which is part of what her doctor has asked her to do, so he was happy about that.

"Thank you Jesus ⓒ" So there are all these signs popping up over the Piedmont of NC. I noticed them summer of 2016. They act as a sort of Rorschach test. Christine has read them as a celebration of the current president, i've read them cynically as viral movement to part money from people. I'd looked them up before and found just a simple web page encouraging the spread of the lawn signs across the country, please send $$. Today i looked them up and noticed that there's now a 501(3)(c) mission that's been formed to handle the money. I also noted the ⓒ -- REALLY??? I suppose copyrighting without the comma? Pfft. Finally, i noticed the spiritual home of the person who started the program was a Friends Meeting. Knowing the dysfunction of the North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends (FUM) over the past year, i checked out the writer who has recorded the ups and downs to find, ah-ha, the Friends Meeting associated with the signs was also one of the meetings that was pushing for the expulsion of the non-dogmatic meetings. There's something about praying on street corners: i suppose someone decided it didn't apply to lawns.

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