E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Today's obsession: reviewing evergreen trees that might grow well enough here that i could grow my own Yule trees. There's an Arizona cypress called Carolina Sapphire that grows 16' - 20' a year. Eastern hemlocks could grow in the shade. It would be neat to get a Carolina Hemlock, which might be more resistant to a pest that's causing trouble with the Eastern hemlocks.

(Hemlocks, the trees, are not poisonous. That's hemlock in the carrot family. Apparently, "The common name hemlock is derived from a perceived similarity in the smell of its crushed foliage to that of the unrelated plant poison hemlock. ")

After that, i placed my order to Sheffields, getting hemlock and species type Arizona cypress along with serviceberries and sumacs, then moved on to Richters, where i found a number of lavender plants i had wanted were sold out.

Not the most productive day back to work. Hoping my motivation will become directed in an appropriate direction soon.

Christine, on the other hand, weathered the chill and lopped autumn olive, pulled more trash out of the woods, put her mother's concrete bench back in the glade, and probably did more things than that.

She's watching An Inconvenient Sequel which has been ... both hopeful and depressing.

Tags: garden

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