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Anniversary: It’s our 26th wedding anniversary. 
Blow driers: I’ve used the blow drier twice this week — and I can’t remember when I used it before that. I usually just let my hair dry naturally. 
Carrie: She is probably around two now. She still sleeps in all morning, loves the front room which is her "crate", and knows to ring the bell for the back yard. At 4 pm-ish yesterday she began trying to get my attention. She was quite ready to take her walk, but she shies at having her harness put on. At least now she isn't playing a game to run away when seeing it. She's strong, pulls at the leash. I occasionally up my speed to a lumbering trot to let her move at her pace. (Lumber Woman, that's me.) She's still excitable. We met Gracie and her person walking yesterday. I remember Gracie from about a year ago, and thinking "What an unruly dog, the person should be doing better with her." Yesterday i was thinking, "I'm so over my head in training Carrie!" as Gracie sat so well with her person. Gracie's person suggests that Carrie has a few months to go and then will settle down.
Doctor Strange: I apparently have been ignoring the Marvel universe more or less since 2014. I'm going to make an attempt to "catch up" by May and the next Avengers film, which means roughly a film a month. Doctor Strange is streaming on Netflix (along with two others on my list), so we watched that last night. I was delightfully entertained.  In some ways it was Batman Begins meets the Matrix: scruffy Benedict Cumberbatch brings to mind scruffy Christian Bale, plus all the manipulation of "reality." Doctor Strange as surgeon seemed to channel a little Gregory House. But what was that accent?
Enchilasagne: When i was more strict about wheat products, i found corn tortilla made a passable replacement for lasagna noodles. Yesterday, i used them to layer as if a lasagna, but with enchilada sauce, beans, and green chilies. It was more a quick assembly than a gourmet construction, but it is yum.
Friday plans: More working in the yard. The second flat of pansies need to be put in the island. Oh my -- gifts to pack and ship. Late late late.
Greycie Loo: She’s adorable. I’m not sure I can do her justice in describing her clear communications with reaching out and moving your hadn’t or arm where she wants it, her love nips, her testing out which of us - Christine or I - who will be more comfortable to nestle up against during a TV show.
Holidays Movie Favorites? I was asked that today and replied that The Haunted Tea Cosy (Edward Gorey) and Red Rider (Berkeley Breathed) were favorite holiday books.
Jealous Dog: I do believe in a jealous dog.
Privilege: The CEO where i work has written a book with a blurb that begins, "Have you ever wondered why some people seem to catch all the breaks and win over and over again? What do the super successful know?" I am tempted to create an anonymous identity and publicly snark through the whole "parable." 
Record Keeping: I have had, in the past, a discipline for recording all sorts of health details. I’ve grown less inspired as it seems reviewing the results and drawing conclusions is poorly supported by the way i keep the records.  I’ve finally decided to give AirTable a try, and 
Tuesday night: The day had been surreally warm, and Christine had been at a client’s all afternoon. I called Christine to see if she would meet Carrie and i downtown at the pizza place, The Mod, and eat on the patio with us. They have a fire pit, but it was essentially unneeded. Carrie’s dinner was a side of roasted chicken bits ostensibly for my salad.
UPS Truck: too big to go around the new driveway loop (and concerned about hitting tree branches). I’m sad we didn’t meet its needs.
Work: not as productive as i would like this week. I'm going to take a few more days off.
Zinnias: I planted some unsuccessfully last year. I’ll be trying again. Probably need to do much better soil preparation.
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