E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Training cats after they have trained Christine.

Edward REALLY wants to go outside and roam. At about 7 he begins ringing the bells to the deck. Just before Christine sat down to work, she let him out until he jumped from the deck railing to the Beyond. Apparently he made a break for the eastern woods, but turned back when Christine finally made it to the yard. And then it's time to stay in.

Christine's desk is by the door to the deck, so he's really harassing her. I've been scooping him up and dumping him through the cat door on the porch whenever he makes himself a pest. This last time he resisted, so maybe he'll figure it out? That asking to be let out doesn't work all the time?

Unfortunately, Christine is far easier trained than i am, so there's a track record of being let out.

Tags: cats

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