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Yesterday, more snow flurries. I met up with my parents at Elizabeth's, a pizza and Italian food restaurant in Pittsboro. They do a lovely job taking care of you there, and it's a place my dad can be at ease. (He is not at ease in restaurants which might have mysterious ingredients, novel preparations, or a city-sized bill.) He insisted on paying, which i didn't quibble over as Christine wasn't there.

Elizabeth's is next to the French Connection, an import place that carries fabrics (and table cloths and tea towels) from Provence in France, beads and sculptures from Africa, and metal yard sculptures i assume are mostly from Mexico. Christine had sent me to look at (and measure and find the price of) the cat they have got in. It's in the style of this piece - http://www.arusticgarden.com/remecatlaory.html - except it's 9' long and 5' wide. The torso seems to be a 55 gallon drum painted purple.

I'm not sure how i feel about it. I think if it had a natural metal patina instead of a bright purple, pink, yellow, blue motley paint job, i'd be much more inclined. (Coat with primer? I dunno.)

I bought beads for a necklace for Christine's sister and a wonderful blue tablecloth with yellow lemons that goes wonderfully in the dining area in the kitchen.

I ran more errands including some Yule gifts from the farm supply place, looked in a gallery, looked at the pottery in the studio at then end of our road, and came home. Suddenly, my right ankle started hurting. Christine was home soon after -- so glad she's back.

Today there were bright stars and moon in the predawn sky, and by the time i left for Meeting, the sky was a bright blue with the long green needles of the tall pines glistening in the sunlight. It's been a while since we had a good rain to freshen everything. When i left Meeting i looked up and saw a flock of seagulls high overhead.

Before meeting i spent more time with the cross reference of plants that are not affected by black walnuts, are native, and are available at the nursery we are going to next weekend. Oh, and non't need to be in always moist soils and can do well in full sun. Phlox, phlox, phlox. (And some spiderwort and obedient plant.) Some of the meadow plants would do OK there -- goldenrod and blackeyed susans, etc -- but i think it want it a bit less rangy than meadow plants. I went through the bloom times of the different plants and think i've selected varieties that could create a lovely palette that changes through the season.

Another stop in the country store in crossroads town of Eli Whitney where i got pecans in the shell and a bunch of old fashioned hard candy as part of Yule gifts.

I made apples in the way inspired by one of Christine's mom's dishes: a sweet dish seasoned with the small candies known as red hots. Three apples (one very large), half the box of candy, half a stick of butter, too much sugar (no more than a 1/3 cup next time), microwaved for 15 minutes, then 2 teaspoons cornstarch (mixed in cold water) added for five more minutes of cooking. This batch was too sweet i think, but hit just the right memory of her mom's stewed apples.

I've beaded this afternoon, making Christine and her sister a necklace each. I should make one for my sister and my mom. And perhaps give my niece some of my bead stash.

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