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Christine is off with her sisters. She left yesterday morning and gets back Saturday evening. She's in Asheville, far western NC in the mountains. All week Pittsboro had predicted snow for tonight, but Asheville had nothing. "Unfair," i'd think, as Christine loves snow. This morning she texted me a photo of snow outside. We have an inch of rain predicted. Both of us happy with that. And the cold nights predicted early next week are creeping back up. 20°F seems so much warmer than 18° F compared to, say, the difference between 68° to 70°F.

And we have a new driveway! A circle with new gravel and a good system for dealing with the roof runoff that used to flow down the driveway into the road. The gravel has a great deal of dust mixed in, which i know is to make a more compact-able surface. I'm pleased.

I realized we have no explicit plans of how to landscape the circle. They retained a small copse of trees to which i will add a sassafras my sister has for me. The circle is close to a black walnut, so certain plantings are right out. The daffs i dug up Wednesday night by lamp light (along with a peony) can go out there though. (The peony cannot.) I'm leaning towards a June berry (Amelanchier lamarckii) and away from a native plum. I suppose it would be the best place to ever plant a pecan. (Would need to crowd two in there for nuts.) 'Course that would then compete with the black walnut. (It would be at the distance recommended for growing walnut for timber.)

I had a 5 am presentation to attend, which i did. I didn't start work until later, but i seem to have zero motivation. It's a rainy day.... Well, i've had poor motivation all week.

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