E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Joys and thanksgivings

I've soup next to me with dried squash and green tomatoes, plus fresh greens, from the garden.

I'm wearing my lemon dress and yellow chalcedony earrings.

I noticed a thing i needed to prepare before the meeting i needed to present it. (Ok, two other short term commitments are also poking me, one procrastinated upon and one forgotten. Making progress on the procrastinated thing.)

Christine's set up some long owned but currently unused speakers in the front room where i work, and rigged connections to the iPad. It's good to make some use of our extensive music collection.

We had a Yuletide tradition in California of going to the San Francisco Flower Market for brunch and yuletide decor. I think i've found a nursery which will have some qualities that will make it worth the drive, and there's a restaurant near by that has some fun North Carolina tradition-inspired but more refined meals. (http://www.chefhamm.com/cafe-121---the-menus ) Still kinda meat heavy, but i think we can find things we'll enjoy.

We've also ordered a beautiful glass Moravian star lamp for our front porch as our joint Yule gift. It's going to be a seasonal addition so spiders don't take too much joy in all the nooks and crannies over the summer.

One grumble about our droughty weather. When it was fine and sunny outside i didn't mind, but drought with overcast skies is ... sigh.

Tags: gratitude, observe

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