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So, the cats are on a diet. But this does not explain Edward's restless desire to go outside. Apparently the restless critters woke Christine in the middle of the night, and i think she finally got to sleep around 7. I've fed the cats, and Edward licked all his food but didn't eat it. He then began batting at the bells on the door (Carrie's signal she needs to go outside). Edward quickly figured out the bells were to summon humans to open the door.

Edward spent much of the past hour trotting behind the couch, jumping up on Christine's desk (well cluttered), treading on the keyboard (which is mostly slid under the desk), thudding down in front of the French doors to the deck, and meowing. When i came in the room there was an odd sound coming from under the keyboard: Christine's digital metronome and tuner had been knocked to the floor and was playing what ever the black key is between A3 & B3. I sure hope the gadget is still calibrated correctly. It seems a quartz based gadget could be accurate after impact.

I tried popping Edward out the cat door onto the deck. Nope, the deck is not outside enough.

Our plans for a cat-deer-dog fence must proceed apace so that we have a fairly secure area to let the cats into. I personally have no problems with Edward at 23 lbs being left out all night in such an enclosure, wait, no, just looked up how big the relevant owls are. While no owl would be able to make off with him, an aggressive owl might do some damage.

(Oh, novelty in the restlessness, he just went in and out the cat door to the deck.)

Owls aside, i can't wait to be able to let him roam, partly because i think exercise would be a much better health treatment than this diet.

In six months when i am complaining about having to chase him down to get him to come in....

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