E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

From Friday

Political news is incredibly disappointing. Not surprising, but corruption is disappointing.

Weather here is idyllic. I'm comfortably sitting on the back porch as the sun goes low and the shadows stretch out. I was standing on the deck, supervising Edward & little Greycie Loo as they got fresh air. Edward clambered up in the rail twice, noisily enough that i could retrieve him before he went over. Greycie Loo was quicker, slipping through the rails of the fence. The gate is essentially at the opposite end of the fence, so as i circumnavigated back to her, she hopped into the thicket. I was glad i'd spent some of last Saturday clearing out deadfall from that area, so i could keep an eye on her as i circled around to heard her back from the house. We had some comic evasion moments -- my she moves quickly and her white back legs as she leaps away gleam tauntingly in the late afternoon sun. Eventually she slipped back through the fence and into the house.

Yesterday was procrastinapalooza; today i think i did a little better keeping focus. I do feel tired here at mid afternoon.

Some clever person (apparently Elliot Coleman) refers to the time when daylength is under ten hours (and most all plants stop growing) as the Persephone period. We've just crossed into that period here where i live. I hope that next year i do a better job preparing for this time. I've a number of greens that have gotten large and still have plenty to thin, but i'd love to have had a bit more. I think i'll try to germinate some winter greens in the little greenhouse so i have seedlings to set out in early January. Last year the deep freeze we had corresponded with snow, so everything was protected. I can't count on such convenient protection this year.


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