E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Fee, fie, fo, fum. I smell the sign of procrastination.

I am thankful for the emotional work Christine is doing. Today is a hard anniversary for her, and i see how she is changing her coping strategies to be even more effective.

It's time for a hair cut. I need to lop off a hand's breadth. I can tell it's time because it's too long to easily contain in a chignon. I am pondering whether i should get a professional looking cut. And potentially coloring. I'm at that blah stage of middle aged natural blonde which is a dull brown with a few "highlights" of grey. I am not excited about going down the road of requiring regular hair care expenses (both time and money), but the fact that work folks only see my face, really ... and a certain sense of wanting to be "read" as professional instead of drudge.... Well, i suppose the question is, first, would i want to get a style and/or coloring if it were instantaneous and free.

The new Mac Skype client is highly annoying.

Slack communities are intriguing to me. I found a Quaker Slack community that the manager says "didn't take off." I'm pondering if i have enough of a network that i might help it move on. The question for myself is what purpose do i think that will serve. I was able to put my Identity Management Professional Slack to good use yesterday

Procrastination ideas:

Create a procrastination bingo board with excuses.
Create a rationalization check list. See https://medium.com/marketing-and-entrepreneurship/7-surprising-ways-procrastination-can-boost-productivity-831253520c34
Research what sorts of cognitive distortions lead to procrastination.
Go get something else to drink and eat.

Ooh! My popcorn popped up beautifully! Yay! Home grown Christmas gift!


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