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I am reading The Night Ocean by Paul LaFarge and it's depressing me. I should not hazard a judgement of the novel given its effect on me, but the traumas and aches of all the characters are not likely what i need.

We did watch the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring last night. My eye is more educated or the 4K TV is too revealing: periodically there are scenes where i mutter "green screen" under my breath> Some quality of light and depth make the shot look composited. Otherwise, it was a pleasure to rewatch. Carrie bowed out early (were the scary night rider horses too scary?) but Greycie stayed and watched. Both Greycie and i curled up on one of Christine's shoulders.

Brief highlights of the last few days:

Tuesday i transplanted the witchgrass (Dichanthelium sp.) from the driveway to be to the edge of the raised bed closest to the house. The dessicated and hibernating summer grasses were not standing up to the beating of me working on the bed, so the tufts of grass are more aesthetic. I also moved some violets from the large garden to various locations. There are violets and dandelions blooming now: they don't mind the overnight freezes it seems.

Wednesday i spent time with my parents, then my sister, took the kids to the mall while i endured the Genius Bar (more, later), then returned home to have a lasagna take-out dinner with Christine's sister and spouse.

Yesterday i overslept and missed a family walk at the lake. I did, however get a great bit of next year's garden planned. I took account of crop rotation, sunlight strength, and deer attractiveness; next year i'm not sure i can escape growing nightshades in the same place again. And cucurbits! Also hard to plan due to the rangy habit. And, pfft, i think i'm doomed to fight powdery mildew forever. The classic summer crookneck squash is very susceptible to powdery mildew and it's not the same as yellow zucchini. Despite eradicating the vines where the mildew showed up, i fear i can't get far enough away to be free of it.

Next planning step, soil amendment calculations for the seven pounds of seed potato.

I baked a desert and a pumpkin dish: we persisted in our minimal dining tradition and again joined my extended family for desert. Mom actually sat down a little bit, which was a delight to see.

My dad, sister, and i are conspiring about my mom's care. Her memory lapses this week -- forgetting how potatoes are grown with me, forgetting what crudités are with my sister, forgetting how to drive to a near by town -- are being more systematically observed by us. Apparently, she has still been drinking heavily and my dad had recently shown her how to calculate how much alcohol she's been drinking in the form of wine. I can hope that maybe if she sleeps and stops drinking maybe her sharpness will return. Her anxiety hasn't really left so it's not like she's successfully self medicating.

Today has been another very mellow and slow morning. I fear i'm suffering from a typical middle-aged gastronomical issue. I don't feel discomfort as a direct symptom, but secondary issues lead me to think i could stand a course of omeprazole will be beneficial. [Also, i haven't been drinking water with the regularity i do during work days: that could be an issue as well.]

I think Carrie misses me spending all day at my desk.

Finally, i am typing this on a new machine. "Yay," except not. Apparently, all this machine has in it is a logicboard, it doesn't have separate components. While the USB-C cable was apparently part of a recall (https://www.apple.com/support/usbc-chargecable/) it's not clear how that would cause the issue. The genius' theory is that SOMETHING -- flux, chrome, adobe updater -- has some sort of bad command that leads BOTH to the shutdown issue AND then to the recovery system failing to identify itself correctly to the servers to download the software image.

I'm dubious, but not dubious enough to just reinstall from the image. Which means i am slowly recovering my working environment. I need to carefully transfer data onto the new machine (Dogwood or Cornus, i think i will name it), which is a fussy thing to do and i haven't been inspired to do that. Anyhow, email is the most concerning content to transfer over. It's impressive to find just how many cloud services i have that sync data up. Email, though, i don't leave on external servers (because i am hard headed and ---erm, we'll just cut that line off.

[I went off and found a light SF novel to read, and it might have reset my mood for today. ]


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