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Arrgh. I had hoped that once i had a few failures in restoring the O S to this machine (my laptop) i'd be able to return it to Apple and get a new one. But no, I must go through the same dances. And, most irritatingly, the" Genius Bar" didn't have an appointment until Wednesday afternoon. I have happily vented my irritation at Apple on their post call survey with care not to impugne the Staff.

I took minutes for Meeting for Business in the morning and found it agreeable. Unlike the large urban meetings in the FGC tradition there is no formal numbered minutes to be read and approved I appreciate the informality but I do wonder if i am led to introduce a modicum of distinction? Without the formal action of having a numbered minute, yet with all the essential steps of checking for unity We Empowered the clerk to use her judgement So we would not need to meet in Dec to approve gifts to a family known to have needs.

And with respect to that minute, I must say the generosity of the meeting continues to delight me. The budget we gave to the Clerk was an amount my previous meeting would have struggled with, even though I think both meetings are probably similarly endowed .

By the way, I am using the handwriting recognition on my phone for this post. Miracles occur in translating - the scribbles to text but I can see that there are still issues with case. The UX of the website on my phone makes proofing a bit of a challenge. Forgive me for not bothering at all.

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