E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Laptop has died a third time: hoping Apple finally makes good. (But first must do a clean install to prove death of the laptop and not just some software issue.)

I've decided to take all next week off as the weather looks pleasant enough for a good bit of yard work.

Yesterday I spent digging up a bed of irises and day lilies that are in the way of our driveway to be. When we resolve the driveway issue we will have an easier time having more than one vehicle visiting! And the crowded irises and day lilies, plus the gladiolus from another bed, will be in a new bed that will be much easier for the deer to eat them. Um. I mean....

Meanwhile, I moved all the sand to fill in gaps in the hugelkultur bed.

I feel a little sheepish putting so much energy into non natives, but also can't quite find myself calling the bulbs weeds yet. The star of Bethlehem bulbs that have naturalized? Sure, weeds. The white clover? Yeah, I'll probably regret it. But these seem less of a problem.

I am taking the time to "save" the hillocks of "witch grass." The native grass growing in my yard is pretty nifty. It's not delicate, but it doesn't grow very high. If I could turf all the places we want as paths with it, I think we'd only have to mow a couple times a year.

If I can get a nice expanse well covered with the witch grass and violets, I could then become an advocate for ripping out nonnative turf and replacing with these native rugged species. That's a happy thought.

I wonder if I dare move the spearmint, that is near the excavated bulb bed, into a section of the hugelkulture. It could be constrained by the pile of logs for a long time, I'd think.


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