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I'm occasionally thinking about whether in 30 years we can make the attic space into a nice studio or one bedroom apartment and have live in elder care. I find myself speculating that my dad might still be around but my mother not: would we offer him a room to live with us? I wonder too, if i might be widowed. I think it could be a nice place for someone: i'd encourage them to have pets, because at some point i'm not going to want to take on the responsibility of new pets. I have high hopes for what the property will be like in thirty years: chestnuts and filberts, fruit trees, and happy garden soil. Lovely walking trails through the woods.

--== ∞ ==--

Tuesday's gloom got to me at the end of the day. Monday's gloom defeated me by afternoon. Oh daylight, i miss you. Christine had gone out to talk to a potential client and then see a film with her sister.

I did take Carrie for a quick jaunt at lunch down the gravel road across from our driveway. Not enough to really use up her energy, so there was much squeaking of a squeaky toy all evening.

Wednesday wasn't much better, i felt defeated by midafternoon. Sunlight returns tomorrow. I'm hoping that part of my lack of motivation and general surrender is due to some hormonal remnant of my monthly cycle, that has otherwise ended.

Tags: depression, paralysis, procrastination

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