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My therapist had made a time management comment which made me a little irritated. The irritation was primarily that, "Yes I KNOW HOW to do time management, just need to reestablish the habit." We talked a bit more, and i think she realized what i was doing and she didn't push. However, her comment led me to have a more specific idea of using calendar entries: i started blocking off post-meeting time to do meeting follow up. It completely filled my Friday, and i felt exhausted at the end of the day. I've had similar issues with other time boxing practices in the past. I apparently want more down time. It's better than not having the time blocks, though, i think, so i'm going to give this practice a month or so to work out.

I think it makes very explicit the issue of incoming to-dos vs available time. That's uncomfortable.

Yesterday i went our around 11 with Carrie. She ran about off leash and i raked leaves and lopped doen a few autumn olive. There were only tow instances of crossing the road: i think this is better than last time. And she found another bone/ I probably could have let her have this one as it was less ... putrid ... but not knowing whether it's road kill dragged into the woods or what leaves me uncomfortable.

After taking her in and giving her an artificial bone (yeah, probably less healthy), i cleaned out a good bit of the tomato plants. I'm pondering potting up some of the plant. Maybe keeping some in the fridge? The base stem lies across the soil and has so many rootlets: it seems that could be a far easier way to start a plant in the spring rather from seed.

I dried some catnip, and i'll dry some mint later today. The Greek oregano and the rosemary have done wonderfully, and the sage is pretty happy too. Yay for herbs.

Christine came out and cleared dried stilt grass from a mystery wooden frame with chicken wire and the now edge of the woods. We hooked cables around bits of the frame and pulled it out with the truck after levering it up over the soil in the frame. It appears to have been a planting area, not a chicken coop. I imagine the previous owner creating a cage for their plants. Given the depredation of my brassica seedlings, i sympathize. Still. It seemed a silly solution. We then took down a line of autumn olive that were right behind the construction. The yard is even more open now, and the black walnut stands more solitary. I scattered the last of the cover crop brassicas in the open area: i may regret in coming years these plants, but i think they'll be far easier to deal with than the chickweed, bittercress, and stilt grass.

The lump of soil will possibly make its home in the variety of holes in the yard. The wood chips we filled the western holes with have decomposed enough to return the ankle twisting hazards.

We are sore, and i have recurring inflammations that contribute to mild malaise. We broke our video limitation rules and watched a show last night: The Durrells in Corfu. One reviewer at IMDB is clearly displeased, but i've found it a delightful show. Admittedly, watching the young boy amass his pets -- a caged pelican, etc -- leads me to thin lipped disapproval. I had ... hoped? ... that the convict in episode three would show some sympathy for the imprisoned critters, but no.

On Friday the fellow we are thinking of using for driveway and orchard root removal and grading work came over and took a look. The constant "just pile the roots up in the woods, they'll rot quickly" response of folks is mildly irritating as i look at the huge logs in the woods that the previous owner left. Other than that, i think he'd be great.

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