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👻 boo 👻 [Oct. 31st, 2017|08:34 am]

So, there's the ghost emoji: 👻. I've no idea how that's going to show up in your browser, on your computer. If it does render as a character, the depiction varies on the system "font" - https://emojipedia.org/ghost/

I was feeling playful and labeled today's todo list with the 👻. Then i thought to search Evernote for 👻. This was unsatisfactory. For example, in the string

 << To-dos |OOO| QV D&D >>  

The "<<", "-", and "&" were all hits. Unicode, shmonicode.

However, the Mac's spotlight search was perfect, finding today's, yesterday's, and tomorrow's notes. (I cross-link my todo lists. Crazy person.)

Google & Bing are interesting in how they search for a unicode character, searching more for the name of the character than the character itself. Sadly, that precludes a sort of global picto-language from being searchable....


Monthly report, yeah, sigh.