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Gorgeous day with very little wind. (Did i mention that i didn't go to the lake because of wind?) While i was talking to a colleague a hawk swooped by the window and briefly perched in the tulip poplar.

When i went out to pick greens for lunch, i added wild garlic greens, chickweed, and bitter cress to the pile. That wasn't hard at all, since i was already bent over to pick greens. Maybe i'll forage more. I do so like having fresh greens at lunch.

I also have been drinking my hibiscus, today with mint. That was a lovely tonic. The fresh hibiscus today -- a bowl of hibiscus pods wait for me to cut the seeds out and lay them out on the dehydration racks -- made a much more red drink than the dried hibiscus i had last week. Was it the presence of dried mint, absence of ginger, or will the red remain if i dry quickly in the dehydrator?

I wonder if i should use the dehydrator on mint, too.

Work has an edge to it today, but eating from the yard is a pleasure.

Yesterday we had a bit of a downer as we looked for a place to stay with Carrie at the beach. Rental places look reasonable and then there's linen fees, cleaning fees, pet fees, etc.

Another dog event of note, on Saturday's off-leash headache exercise, Carrie found two three limb bones still connected at the joint. It was disgusting, she rolled on it, gnawed on it.... Oh i hope it didn't make her sick. I just realized she threw up first thing this morning. Hrm.

Tags: critter watch, dawg, eating notes, garden
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