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Yesterday's worship message was brought by a Junior at the local Quaker college. I'd asked and was told she was going to talk about her leadings, so i set the tone by reading from the end of "Leading and being Led" by Paul Lakey and sharing the story of Mary Fisher visiting the Sultan of Turkey with the kids.

She spoke authentically about her struggle to trust the leadings and her faith, which was an echo of my message from the week before. I found myself with tears running down my face. I asked, and she knows a wonderful Quaker who does the same work she's feeling led to do, so all is well. I look forward to hearing about her in the future.

We had a potluck, in which all of the blackeyed peas i brought were eaten, so i had no leftovers. Hrm. Home where Christine was just sitting down to watch Shadowlands. I had a headache, and it was raining, so instead of sorting seeds i sat down with her. And watched the whole thing. And cried, heart aching at the love and loss as the CS Lewis character learns love and accepts the pain of loss. Oh, tears. Carrie sat on the couch with us, Greycie Loo and Luigi also took turns. It was a lovely warm way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon, but yow, we were left wrung out.

I regret i can't find a place where someone has transcribed the full dialogue where Joy Gresham, CS Lewis' wife, takes on an academic's misogynistic comments. This fan summarizes the scene as follows:
Riley's dry, sarcastic comments make me laugh every time. He can't stand Joy, and she knows it and goes toe to toe with him in one of the funniest scenes in the film. "Do women have souls?" he wonders aloud at a party, in the plummiest of plummy accents, all innocent speculation and scarcely veiled malice. Joy raises an eyebrow and responds in her flat Yankee twang, "Are you trying to be offensive, or merely stupid?"

She prefaces that blunt question with a charmingly disarming preamble that allows the the bluntness to be far more barbed.

In the evening we watched "The Body in The Library" with Joan Hickson's portrayal of Miss Marple. As we went into the second episode, i knew i would be watching later than i would like, but i do like wrapping up the mystery. But no, not only am i totally baffled by whodunit (but i think i see the how, which implies at least one particular conspirator) -- it goes into a third episode. Argh! No! Fie!

I'd meant to take this morning off to go boating with Dad, but he was intimidated by the forecast of winds. Maybe we'll go Wednesday. The drifting off of leaves has not been with much color. A friend at Meeting alleged the trees are ashamed and are only dropping leaves at night. Not entirely true of my trees, where i can see leaves drifting down during a breeze, but it captures the lack of vigor in the colors. On the way home from Meeting, though, the wet leaves under the grey skies glowed. I don't know if the rain washed off dust and knocked down the dull leaves or if it was the wetness and quality of light -- it was a lovely drive home. I hope we can get out and capture mist rising off the lake and autumn color this week.

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