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Zotero for the week

  • Added under @BooksToGet the Corvinus mysteries H/T https://oursin.dreamwidth.org/2674047.html
    • Book 1 in series $5 kindle Ovid; 20171019 none at overdrive
  • FinTech - new jargon for me
    • 20171011 Mike suggests that a good mach for OTTO due to the PSD2 Banking regs in UK
    • https://openid.net/wg/fapi/
    • https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2017/10/122981-uk-plows-ahead-implementing-psd2-compliant-open-banking/
    • 20171016 Matt Levine Money Stuff: Embattled Fintech Firm SoFi Drops Plan to Open a Bank.
    • 20171018 Matt Levine Money Stuff: J.P. Morgan to Buy Payments Firm WePay in First Major Fintech Acquisition.
  • Cognitive Biases in Programming, Blog Post, Author Yash Ranadive
    • i'm adding "the ikea effect" and "Hyperbolic Discounting" to my conceptual frameworks. Otherwise, not a dramatic read.
  • CVS Taps A Design Legend To Reinvent The Prescription Label. Next Stop: The Pharmacy
  • Discovering the cosmic mines of heavy elements | NSF - National Science Foundation
  • Dressing Older Is About Wealth
    • I think i kinda know what they mean by "menocore," but i dunno.
    • "Turns out linen and drawstrings are functional for a large segment of what 'work' looks like now: a loose, shape-shifting patchwork of part-time jobs." - Matt Levine 20171019 Money Stuff
  • Google Search Now Checks Your Local Library For Ebooks
    • Linked data under the covers.
  • How the Appetite for Emojis Complicates the Effort to Standardize the World’s Alphabets (NYT)
    • Abstract Do the volunteers behind Unicode, whose mission is to bring all human languages into the digital sphere, have enough bandwidth to deal with emojis too?
    • Since i know what unicode is, i didn't find this deep enough.
  • Let’s stop talking about THE design process
    • I have enough in my notes about Stanford's d school process, that this seemed worth coming back to....
  • Millions of years ago, hollow trees literally tore themselves apart to grow
  • Orkney's Stone Age Temple
    • Via Amazon's Britbox subscription
    • Abstract Directed by Simon Winchcombe. With Neil Oliver, Chelsea Budd, Nick Card, Gordon Cook. Neil Oliver explores a recently-discovered Neolithic temple on Orkney - which, at 5,000 years old, pre-dates Stonehenge by 500 years and challenges our map of stone age Britain.
  • TetzelCoin
    • Abstract A token for forgiveness
    • I now have two examples of blockchain art. See also Tulip Token
    • 20171018 Matt Levine's Money Stuff
  • The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, Author N. K Jemisin
    • Happily there is a wait for the eBook or i would have plowed through the second in the trilogy as well. I'm not sure the library's overdrive account has the third in the trilogy.
  • The KRACK Attacks and Libraries Author Galen Charlton
  • When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy (NYT)
    • Abstract As a young social psychologist, she played by the rules and won big: an influential study, a viral TED talk, a prestigious job at Harvard. Then, suddenly, the rules changed.
    • Where by "rules" they mean, the understanding of how to determine a significant observation in a social science study.
    • Take away #1: this feels partly like backlash to some woman succeeding in science to me, depressing.
    • Take away #2: Much of the recent social science "discoveries" seem to be in question? So maybe check on more recent work to see if it has withstood new scrutiny before asserting it?
  • Wild and Captive Chimpanzees Share Personality Traits With Humans (NYT)
    • Hopefully using the new understanding of significant results.

Observations: Ah, there's an advanced search in Zotero: that would have helped pull out entries where the notes fell in the date range. Taking the time to do this helped me clean up a bit of the metadata. Maybe i am keeping up with my hat-tip notes, but i've my doubts. I appreciate the reading lists y'all circulate!

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