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Incomplete post including earlier incomplete post

Last week autumn made a strong appearance. I wrote

The weather is just wonderful. A week ago i couldn't imagine having a frost by the end of the month, now i can. It doesn't look like we will - in this time before dawn and at the same point in a week we might just go below 40. The heat is running though. For some reason i had the thermostat set to 62° until noon, and it just seemed a bit crisper than we needed.

Friday night we had a bonfire with the pile of brush, etc on the east side of the house. Once i finished burning the piles of brush, i put fuel more appropriate for a camp fire on the bed of coals, Christine ordered a pizza, and we sat out for a while under the stars. We saw a meteor, and i read a novel (ah, digital technology). It was a excellent Friday night. I'm going to start setting aside firewood for such pleasant evenings.

Saturday i let Carrie run off leash while i raked leaves and fussed. She ran across the road a few times, but i think she got the message that we were NOT going down the gravel road across the road. She wouldn't let us get near her for a long time: i think she was wary about ending her liberty. I hope if it becomes a familiar practice she will be less wary, which will be less worrisome. Meanwhile Christine stayed inside through the initial experiences, which helped me deal with Carrie'e rambunctiousness in a casual way instead of being constrained by Christine's over-protection.
Yes, the road proximate dog was risky, but i think it will be worth it to have her be able to be outside in the yard with us off leash.

The rest of Saturday was yet another burn of several much larger piles, plus additional brush pulled from the woods. (We still have stuff cut down to fence in the goats or killed by the goats stripping it from summer 2016.)

It seems that many native spring flowers come with long tap roots that i can't imagine intentionally placing in our septic field.


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