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Weekend went *poof*. There was quite a bit of humidity, but finely rain. I sprinkled around more lawn seed+white clover in some areas, and oats, rape, and tillage radish in the orchard-to-be area.

The house came with a nice modest fenced yard. It's a little small for Carrie to race around in. It's better than nothing, but we have to work to get her places where she can exercise. Edward & Luigi really want out, now, too. They would be quite pleased to jump over the fence and go exploring. The orchard area abuts the fenced yard, so the current plan is to just replace the white plastic yard fence with deer fencing around a much larger area that is a deer (and coyote and bobcat and racoon) out, pets and fruit trees in area. The fence is going to need to be much more serious than i imagined. IE: we'll be hiring someone.

The oats and brassicas i'm sowing in the future orchard are not only "green manure" but also their presence will hopefully deter the winter chickweed and bittercress from Europe and the spring stilt grass. I'd imagined planting vegetables and flowers under the apples, i'm going to have to ponder how this is going to work if we are also using it as the yard for the pets.

I probably ought to be getting lime out there now. Then whenever we get the heavy machinery to grade and maybe disk the area.... well, first to get rid of the "trash" trees and the rescues of the native plants and mosses we find.

This weekend i dehydrated some of the grape tomatoes. They're like candy now. I am torn between just nibbling away and saving them for some lovely meal in the middle of winter. I think if i can visualize the meal, i might be able to hold off.

There's a good number of half ripe tomatoes on a plant that has been killed by some critter eating all the leaves. I wonder if i should pickle those. The salty green tomato pickles are still being enjoyed.

--== ∞ ==--

I led worship again this past Sunday, with a great amount of shyness and performance anxiety. I know it's not a performance. I know they aren't judging me. But but but.

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