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For whatever reason, my therapy appointment didn't happen. I was driving in thinking, "it's all good, but i'm dissatisfied. I arrived esarly & started to doodle. After a while i looked at the time and realized i should do something. After leaving a voice mail, i came home.

I've dithered a little, but one of the things i thought about was how i am not journaling regularly and how that might be part of my muddled feelings. I've had my reasons, and i still feel like all the time slips away.

As one time-slip solution, we're trying to limit entertainment evenings. That's helpful, and we've not slipped into "just while we eat" patterns since recommitting.

In making the living space better, we've replaced the attractive but poorly located light in the kitchen with a ceiling fan with a light kit. Motivation took the form of the halogen bulb blowing and the inability to find a replacement bulb (because we couldn't get it out). I thought the bulb had been caulked in, but it's just different from the bulb bases i was looking at in the hardware store. The ceiling fan with light kit, though, provides much better light to working in the kitchen and the fan will be very welcome. So that addressed a mild nagging issue.

On the other hand, after spending bucks enclosing the crawlspace, the electrician added lights and now we can see a mysterious pile of ... well, looks like someone's scat. And bigger than mice, too. That's concerning.

I don't know exactly how to fix the mild dissatisfaction. I want to blame Christine's elephants as dampening everything, but i'm not sure that's entirely honest.

Celebrate * Give Thanks * Help Others

To some extent, i also do "know" how to fix the dissatisfaction (which might be more accurately described as depression, but, hey, try something new).

Right now there's an ocean of stilt grass (Microstegium vimineum) to try and defeat. There's apparently no point in fighting it until right before it sets seed. And here we are. The weather has cooled off, but it just seems so slow going.


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