E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Thank heavens that work week is over and i get to run away and leave the kerfuffle. Our company wants to be certified for a certain standard. On round two of the process, we had a consultant in who basically revealed the most cynical frame for certification -- much smoke and mirrors and little conformance. Not dissimilar to round one. We're now on round three with a recently hired executive director of security who wants to do things by the book, but in the most expedient way possible: no consideration of long term consequences.

I made many jokes about alcohol.

And then there was the point where i lost a day's work because the combination of remote Microsoft "One Drive" plus Excel plus Mac OS executed no automatic periodic saves.

The best part of the week was contacting external vendors for what is called "multi-factor" or "two-factor" authentication, describing what we have built, and seeing if they could interoperate with our system. In describing what we do, i was gratified by the other person appreciating the complexity and scope of what we have built and the challenge with which i was presenting them.

--== ∞ ==--

The first part of the week was quite wet: now things are back to growing by leaps and bounds.

I am disappointed by my early April use of the greenhouse. I think things got far too warm and i killed many seedlings. Sprouting pawpaw seeds were cooked. I'm hoping my Torreya taxifolia seeds will survive: it's a rare yew tree. The seeds were passed on by another native plant enthusiast.

I'm also wondering about seed vendors, but before i start pointing fingers, i'll point at myself for failures. Still: how hard is it to provide sunflower seeds with over 50% germination rate? I've 12 seeds, dropped one, and three sprouted. A fourth sprout seems frozen. On the other hand, three of these 18' sunflowers are sufficient, i think, to shade the south west wall of our bedroom.

I harvested my one beautiful head of romaine and a cup or so of snow peas. I think i need to get a sense of how many square feet of plants make enough of anything to be useful.

--== ∞ ==--

Hot and humid. The air conditioner is already coming on, but i'm pondering lowering the temperature. I'm wondering about programming the thermostat. It's easier to cool the house overnight when it's cooler outside, right? So shouldn't i use the overnight setting to cool to the coolest temperature?


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