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Yesterday there was a certain amount of distress in the household. Carrie should be taking it easy to recover from the spay operation. Thus she is a ball of excessive energy and gets rambunctious around the cats, which they find distressing. Christine then tries to fix it, and gets distressed and then i get distressed.

We went into solution mode: i found Benadryl is supposed to be a bit of a sedative for dogs. A friend asked about chamomile, and i found this article: http://dogsaholic.com/care/how-to-sedate-a-dog.html

Let me take a minute to share my eye-rolling about uncritical representation of natural = safe.

Hence, most dog owners have now turned to natural remedies as a suitable alternative to conventional medicines. Apart from being reliable, natural sedatives are also very effective when it comes to alleviating or minimizing anxiety attacks. Also, most of the natural sedatives will have very minimal side effects and in some cases, no side effects at all.
I believe at this point i muttered something to myself about placebos and homeopathy. And, honestly, if some owners think their dog is sedated, i suspect their stress level goes down, and the dog takes the relaxed owner as a cue to relax themselves.
If you are looking for an ideal way to calm down nervous dogs that may be prone to anxiety, then herbs are just what you need. Apart from being mild, herbs are also non-addictive with no or very minimal side effects. Furthermore, most of the herbs that are used as natural also contain essential nutritious tonics that play a key role in supporting a dog’s nervous system.
I may have harumphed at this. Chamomile is mentioned, then skullcap, then valerian. I was skimming, but skullcap and valerian did sounds a little potent. Then:
California Poppy can be essential in alleviating anxiety and stress. Poppies are widely known for their ability to produce heroin, which are very strong painkillers that are used in the field of medicine.

Wait, did they really claim that herbs were non-addictive???

--== ∞ ==--

I didn't think chamomile tea in the water dish would be as assuredly consumed as Benadryl in cheese, so i went the Benadryl route in the evening when my extended family was coming over for birthday cake. Christine took the exercise route: she's hired a dog walker for the next week. I can't say the dog walk Christine took her on and the Benadryl sedated her much for the family gathering, but we gave it a go.

Over the weekend i had noticed Carrie chewing on the plastic wrap that Christine's prized books are wrapped in. I had considered the cost of some of the books, the leather bindings on some, and how much peace would be in the household if Carrie came to believe books were toys. I promptly went to Amazon and searched for toys that are designed to engage a dog. I was delighted to find puzzle toys abound. I bought several, and some arrived yesterday. The one with little compartments and a spinning lid was mastered pretty quickly. The toy i thought of as just being a chew toy, though, "PetSafe Busy Buddy Jack Dog Toy," was clearly more than just something to chew on. She worked HARD trying to manipulate the object to get at the "gnawhide" rings. I think it exhausted her last night -- but not enough that she didn't dance at the cats on the bed.

And so, the final dog behavior moderator: the spray bottle. Wow. Carrie promptly left the cats and went to lay down very low on the floor.

I think we have enough tools now to keep Carrie calm for One More Week. Then i can go back to playing with her in the back yard and in the lovely large dog park where she can race around like ... nothing i've ever seen before!

--== ∞ ==--

Meanwhile, it was my birthday which i share with my Dad. It was delightful to be with him and share the celebration: Christine indulged us all buying two glorious cakes, one of which was half icing. I have never had a slice of cake where i felt there was enough icing -- this one ... took the cake! I was quite satiated last night, but this morning i find myself.... Well, i think some slices are going to have to get frozen and wrapped up so that i pace myself responsibly. And there's enough that i think i have something to take to our next door neighbors whom i have not met.

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