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The thermostat says it's 22°F outside, but when i stepped out, the dry air just registered as crisp. The stars were sharp in the sky. I looked up at the last quarter moon and thought how every dawn view of it over our home will remind me of arriving here in late May. I also reflected that 25 years ago, the moon was full, rising in the eastern window of the church, opposite the nave, when Christine and I were married. This home is our 25th anniversary celebration.

I had expected silence except for traffic sounds, but the owl seemed rather vocal this morning. And i heard the cat flap. After making tea i went out on the back porch to join Edward who seems to love the brisk weather. Poor thing, i think he must have spent all summer in dismay at the heat. The vet says that at 22 lbs he's about 3 lbs over weight, and i suppose that he, like i, can take the cold with the extra insulation we carry.

Yesterday evening Christine went out to see Rogue One with her sister. I didn't mean to, but i watched the three episode story arc that end season 9 of Doctor Who. The story arc was compelling, but i was procrastinating about communicating with people directly.

Still am.

News from yesterday is that my grandmother's husband had another TIA, mini-stroke. She will be 100 on Feb 1st, and i am very cross with her third husband for standing in the way of them moving to a place where they would be closer to care (assisted living) and having more in home assistance. The fact that he has a very bad heart and 80% clogged arteries to the brain means to me he has a responsibility to my grandmother to be somewhere where he's not depending on her. In my crossness, i ponder the effect of his death on my grandmother. Would she be grieved and give up? Or would she thrive in a more social setting? My mother suggests that a cousin might go live with her. My grandmother's husband doesn't particularly like this cousin, because she's a woman who won't take his shit. Good for her, is my reaction.

Because i am very cross, let me tell you all that he is a selfish bastard who takes advantage, who has tried to get control of my grandmother's finances by telling her my father was not acting in her best interests, who is going to host all his kids at their house for her birthday celebration.

And i'm cross with me, because i have not called her regularly.

Bad granddaughter.

So, my parents are on the road to Tampa, where they will spend heaven knows how long down there. We'll celebrate Christmas with them when they get back.

So there's that venting off my chest.

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