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Thief [Dec. 17th, 2016|09:05 am]

Some critter is stealing bags of litterbox scoopings. We use a wheat-based litter that i am composting. (Yesterday it was 28°F outside and my compost was at 110°F.) Christine put five bags in the new compound last weekend. On Wednesday, i was considering how the compostable bags weren't decomposing in the current pile. In the new compound i found three bags (not five), and moved them to a specific location away from the kitchen scraps. Yesterday, i took out this week's bags and found all the previous bags gone.

What sort of critter carries off bags of used kitty litter? And why? I'm mystified. A raccoon building a bunker? It doesn't seem like the right type of stinky for a canid to roll in to hide its scent.