E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

The Wattle Compost Fence

I tried posting these photos at the end of Saturday. Fortunately, since
i had not selected the resized images, they were rejected.

As you can see in the background of the images, we have plenty of
underbrush for me to complete the fence up to the planned four foot
screen. I've left leader branches on the stakes in hopes that some might
root: i used a hibiscus species locally called Rose of Sharon. We have
three very mature plants that need to be cut down for our driveway to
be, and as they are non-natives i've no heart ache about their removal.
If i could propagate them and their butterfly-loved flowers to surround
the compost though, it would be delightful! I have woven a live wild
grapevine in part of the fence: i have dreamed of making living fences
and was delighted to see a grape vine rooted at one end of the area
Christine had cleared

Need. More. Daylight. (But not heat, please, i still think of July with
a shudder.)


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