E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,


It's BRISK out there. I'm heading out shortly to build a wattle fence around the future compost pile home. All i have to do is think "July" and the weather seems merciful.

Meanwhile, this morning's advocacy was to our state rep regarding a state department of agriculture farm, used for developing sustainable farming practices, that was deluged in Hurricane Matthew. He answered -- not his assistant -- within the hour of my writing. I'm probably the beneficiary of a last in - first out practice, but wow. I should probably see how many folks were in my representative district in CA. I suspect state politics here are much smaller scale.

I actually called the White House yesterday as part of my advocacy, and, in the President-Elect's form where you can share your story about How To Make America Great, i suggested attendance at daily intelligence briefings would be a help. (Nah nah nah nah not thinking about the latest news about CIA leaked analysis about Russia and the election. Nah nah nah.)

Frivolously, i find JJ Abrams of the photonic fetish producing a drama named "Glare" to fill my imagination with with high contrast lens flares in the opening sequence.


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