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The Saturday galavanting was refreshing. We started at the local co-op for breakfast, during which i got them both to make plans to buy seed potato with me. On to an antique store that was having a holiday festival with bluegrass music and some extraneous vendors. I was impressed how long my sister could have spent looking at the farm antiques: she's all captivated by the idea of taking a wooden chicken crate and making it into a coffee table. We wound through the country side, dotted with dairies and obsolete chicken barns, country houses, and garlanded with golden autumn foliage. It was a beautiful day. Lunch was at an honest country restaurant, and i decided to ignore the odds that there was bits of meat in the black-eyed peas or greens. We wrapped up with a stop at the molasses festival, and by molasses, they mean sorghum syrup.

I will not plant sorghum to make my own syrup. I will not plant sorghum to make my own syrup.

(Searches on how to efficiently reduce juice to syrup. Also http://www2.ca.uky.edu/agcomm/pubs/agr/agr123/agr123.htm)

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