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I so very much appreciated the extra hour of sleep. Christine is in distress about the election and woke upset in the middle of the night.

Last week was completely unfocussed. I begin to think i am moving into menopause and assume that hormonal disruptions are going to take some time to balance out. I wonder, too, if i am getting restless from working at home. The library would be close enough to make for an interesting test.

I did a good deal of raking Saturday afternoon: i think that counts as good exercise. Yesterday I dug in the rows for the last onions, piling the "turf" on the hugelkultur bed. That didn't feel as draining as going and lopping at ground level the sweetgum saplings stumps that had been growing up at the entrance to our drive way. They apparently responded to the glyphosate with an immediate expiration of the whole colony, not just the ones i topped off and sprayed. Why can't the autumn olive do that?

The daylight savings time change makes me a little grumpy as it will be dark at quitting time during the work week. Fie.

Meanwhile, i have been very distracted by gardening planning. I have my three sisters garden seeds picked out: a multicolored popcorn (which can be roasted before it completely dries), scarlet runners, and cheese pumpkins. Scarlet runners are pre-Colombian, tan cheese pumpkins are a very old variety, and the popcorn comes from Cherokee seed sources. I'm tempted to replace winter squash in the planting pattern with peanuts.

The potato and bush bean plot come next in planning: i will be able to grow a variety of potato types which i find exciting. I'm picking out a range of types spread over the ripening season. The season is sort of short, so maybe summer squash to replace the potatoes? Some advice indicates squash *attracts* late potato blight; i am suspicious that it was correlation and not causation. I'll gamble and grow squash in with the potatoes.

My perennial onions are up! I'm piling raked leaves on as mulch. We haven't had a freeze yet, although last night was close. Highly unusual weather, everyone says. New normal, i worry.

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