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Gloom was going to continue with my laptop failing to start. That has been resolved, though, so all's good.

Gotta love the new search engine techniques. I simply searched on "macbook won't start" and Google pulled up a little snippet that had, apparently, just the trick.
I miss yanking the battery out as a solution.

Gloom lifts with the lovely emails thanking Christine for standing up against the propagandistic video. Yesterday evening i shared with her the BBS goings-on. We both don't want fear to drive our decisions, and i made clear that my distress that persons would immediately call for a boycott over a post to a mailing list was not distress that she posted. And then we had a good laugh about what boycotting a blog would require.

Regarding the German shepherd question from yesterday, i think my real dog question has to do with how soon do dogs identify a family as their pack? Christine and i have been talking about D-O-Gs (when in front of the C-A-Ts): we've often talked about how when we left apartment living we would get one, or two.

So when i misspell shepherd as shepard, spell check suggests Shepard. When i misspell shepherd as shephard i get no suggestions at all. I hate schwas. I remember learning about schwas in elementary school and spelling and just being completely baffled. I don't think the a vs e schawa issue i have is related to the pen-pin merger of my native region in the southeast US.

On Monday, we were discussing how a dog would affect the cats -- and Christine remains concerned about how the cats have adapted after the move. I have cat-dog concerns too, but mainly because i would want a dog that would be large enough to be threat to the cats. I find most small dogs... unfair to dog-dom? I grew up with medium sized dogs and have a bias towards shepherds. We always had dogs and cats and never had issues -- but a neighbor's dog killed my brother's cat and i am well aware of the potential.

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