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TL; DR: yes, big bad hurricane. No, not likely to locally do more than cause a power outage of unknown duration, cause flooding in low areas (not a problem for us), bring a tree crashing into the house or vehicle (but we'd have a place to stay during repairs). Nothing like needing to be prepared for the Hayward fault to rip. So why am i so preoccupied with preparedness??!! OY.

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Thursday: We have actually had some lovely blue skies today, but now it seems unremittingly grey. The current forecast calls for over 3" of rain split between tomorrow and Saturday. Last Thursday we had an incredible downpour and i noticed some pooling near the foundation as well as some erosion. We went off to the hardware store and bought some more downspout extenders; i'll dig a deeper place for water to collect from a good bit of the roof area.

I don't think that will be sufficient to deal with the three inches if we get it in short bursts. On the other hand, i think we have pretty good drainage if it's a long soaking rain.

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Friday morning: Duke power called my cell phone at 11 cursed 30 pm to let me know a storm is coming.

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Many of my extended family are in Orlando. Apparently they are served by Duke Power, who also provides our power. Since moving here and getting hit with some power drops and outages, i check the Duke Power map periodically, just to see what "normal" is. The Carolina coverage is normal-ish right now, although a surely not storm related outage is affecting a thousand plus folks in Reidsville (the small town Christine's mother hailed from).

Whenever my folks would get all fluttery about earthquakes, i'd think about the hassle of hurricane awareness and the swings of adrenaline, the uncertainty, the distraction. I feel pretty good about how earthquake country trains one to prepare, even if i never felt prepared enough. Some of that preparedness came with us, and we have new opportunities for preparedness now: better locations to store water, a generator, a pantry.

We didn't have any instant coffee, so i picked that up on Wednesday night along with cans of evaporated and condensed milk and a box of minute rice. One of the things that i read about earthquake preparedness was about dealing with small comforts. If you drink caffeinated beverages, make sure there's some way to have some. Have a sweet tooth: keep hard candy in the emergency kit. Well, i don't know about trusting myself with hard candy right now, but sweetened condensed milk seems like a way to have a sense of decadence if there is a long term disaster. And otherwise, it's on hand for pie. Also, it's hard to imagine that this far inland  hit in such a way that there would be no groceries for days. I had family in Andrew in Homestead FL: that is disaster like a major earthquake. Fran hit this are pretty hard twenty years ago; that was nothing like Andrew. The odds of something so widespread that one couldn't go stay with some other folks while a roof was repaired or what not seems extremely unlikely.

Aaiieee! So here it is: due to the proximity to places that really do need to worry about devastation and accepting some probability of being without power for a while[1], i am obsessing about how much to prepare for some sort of food shortage. OY. NOT A PROBLEM.

[1] If it took 12 hours to deal with a tree on a nearby line during a thunderstorm, what sort of priority will we have when thousands in Florida are out of power?

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