E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I'm sitting on my front porch. It just occurred to me that i won't see such a lovely blue sky until Sunday, at the earliest. No reason to waste such loveliness and marvelously comfortable temperatures. I finished mowing the yard yesterday: the growth rate has slowed down so that the grass left unmown from the week before could be mown and it all looks even. I think i hear mowing in the distance: others are probably trying to take advantage of these dry days.

I'm experiencing some various states that are less than productive. I think that part of it is hormonal, and i can just trust that it will pass. Part of it is the need to "self direct" at work. I feel like i'm juggling vaseline coated river rocks. When they are all on the ground around my feet, i'm not very excited about picking them up and trying again.

I had planned to go on a road trip with my folks this coming Friday. There's a meeting on Thursday i can't move, so we've decided to postpone the trip to the Peaks of Otter area until the following Friday. Wise, i'm sure. Meanwhile, other storm prompted plans are made: we will attempt to crank the generator, get gas, and do our Thursday night grocery run a day earlier (to avoid the milk, bread, and battery crowd).

I'm not sure what i want to read in news about Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. I hold the people of the islands in the hurricane's path in my heart, and feel what feeble response i can make, i should make via https://www.facebook.com/If-Pigs-Could-Fly-Haiti-408179022563012/ -- i know Randy Mont-Reynaud and her work in Haiti.

Now i hear a chain saw. I'm tempted to think that storm preparation, too. I noticed a parade of peculiar road work machines go by: i hear some odd high hum that i think is associated with one of the machines.


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