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I would like to be far more intentional about recording when i do what outside. Saturday i wanted to do some eradication of some high invasive grass, but my chosen location was in the sun. I ended up weeding the same invasive grass, but mown short, from a large expanse of moss. I'm realizing most of the green "lawn" is actually the invasive grass. We had afternoon plans, which included me actually touching the camera i am thinking about buying -- and i am now planning on buying. It's still not the "pro" level camera: while i hope some day to be pro, i am not yet. I think i can grow with this camera.

Yesterday i slept surprisingly late. I missed Meeting, and sat in waiting worship with Christine for a while in our living room. It was miserable outside. Still, i kept my appointment for a walk with my sister's family to hear someone in their neighborhood chat about lichens. Pleasant memory, but at the time i thought i was just going to dissolve. In the late afternoon i actually worked outside (since i was already in a state requiring a great deal of tidying up). I finally planted some plants i had "rescued" from the sale rack at Lowes. One has been lingering for weeks. I think it's still alive.

So, i now have a north to south area under various experimental treatments.

Argh, something scary happened to the text.

There's a tall skimpy tulip poplar at the northern extent, which is also the low end of the very gradual slope. My experiment in hugelkultur takes a thirty foot stretch as i progressively pile wood, nitrogen rich waste, weeds, and then a thin soil layer. It's lasagna gardening or sheet composting over a pile of wood, essentially. I'm dubious about the beginnings: i imagine all the gaps filling with the thin soil-like layers as soon as there's soil-like materials. The surface is supposed to be flipped over turf, and, as i look at the solid red clay, i don't think it's knit together well enough with roots to count as " turf".="turf"." the="The" southern="southern" end="end" of="of" this="this" raised="raised" bed="bed" is="is" probably="probably" going="going" to="to" be="be" in="in" too="too" much="much" shade="shade" from="from" a="a" copse="copse" of="of" elm="elm" and="and" dogwood="dogwood" to="to" be="be" very="very" productive,="productive," although="although" i="i" imagine="imagine" lettuce="lettuce" growing="growing" later="later" into="into" the="The" summer="summer" in="in" that="that" shade.="shade." i'm="I'm" covering="covering" the="The" ground="ground" at="at" this="this" end="end" with="with" some="some" of="of" the="The" pinecones="pinecones" collected="collected" from="from" around="around" and="and" about.="about." they="They" quickly="quickly" embed="embed" in="in" the="The" clay.="clay." while="While" i="i" imagine="imagine" i'll="i'll" be="be" weeding="weeding" out="out" pine="pine" seedlings,="seedlings," the="The" idea="idea" of="of" using="using" the="The" cones="cones" as="as" a="a" mulch="mulch" between="between" the="The" beds="beds" seems="seems" like="like" a="a" reasonable="reasonable" one.="one." i'm="I'm" not="not" paying="paying" for="for" pine="pine" bark="bark" mulch="mulch" when="when" i've="i've" a="a" bucket="bucket" of="of" pine="pine" cones="cones" to="to" collect="collect" before="before" i="i" mow="mow" every="every" time.="time." then="Then" there's="there's" the="The" weeded="weeded" moss="moss" and="and" some="some" bare="bare" clay="clay" expanses.="expanses." i'm="I'm" hoping="hoping" the="The" moss="moss" will="will" expand="expand" pretty="pretty" quickly="quickly" the="The" rest="rest" of="of" the="The" summer="summer" and="and" fall.="fall." since="Since" it's="it's" on="on" the="The" north="north" side="side" of="of" the="The" copse,="copse," it's="it's" shaded="shaded" through="through" out="out" the="The" warmer="warmer" part="part" of="of" the="The" year.="year." the="The" copse="copse" itself="itself" was="was" one="one" of="of" my="my" early="early" eradication="eradication" efforts:="efforts:" poison="poison" ivy,="ivy," honeysuckle,="honeysuckle," and="and" autumn="autumn" olive="olive" are="are" almost="almost" all="all" gone.="gone." as="as" one="one" of="of" my="my" first="first" eradication="eradication" efforts,="efforts," i="i" had="had" some="some" poison="poison" drift,="drift," and="and" south="south" of="of" the="The" copse="copse" there's="there's" an="an" area="area" where="where" the="The" "grass"=""grass"" died.="died." yesterday="Yesterday" i="i" planted="planted" some="some" sun="sun" loving="loving" plants="plants" in="in" the="The" clear="clear" southern="southern" end="end" of="of" this="this" line.="line." these="These" are="are" perennials="perennials" well="well" past="past" their="their" prime="prime" and="and" marked="marked" down="down" accordingly.="accordingly." they've="They've" been="been" sitting="sitting" out="out" and="and" neglected="neglected" --="--" i'm="I'm" not="not" sure="sure" all="all" of="of" them="them" will="will" live.="live." they="They" have="have" nice="nice" seed="seed" heads="heads" though.
--== ∞ ==--

Meanwhile, it was a hard weekend on the elephant front. I need to think of sustainable practices for me.

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