E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Signs of a sort of settling in

Monday we will have a real bed, not a full sized mattress sitting on king sized boxsprings on the floor.

In mid morning, the cats have fairly predictable sleeping locations. (Greycie Loo seems unwilling to give up sleeping under the covers. It seemed just a fear response to the move, but now that she knows how to burrow, she seems happy to do so for the midday snooze.)

I can make basic use of the appliances. (Still need to read up on how to use the programmable thermostat, the digital fridge, the multi-button oven and microwave.)

We have a plan for the office and the bookshelves.

We have mostly comfy seating, if eclectic.

We have a grocery store picked out and have learned our way around town for basics.

I'm avoiding the internet less.

I'm just beginning to have photography inspirations -- fireflies!

I might actually begin correspondence.

For my future reference, here's the state of affairs.

Still have NO ONE to clear the septic field. We make micro efforts in clearing, but i admit to being more distracted by other areas of the landscape.

We continue to find junk around the house that was apparently just left at different points in the past: Three bags of cow manure. A dog toy under a sheet of plywood that spooked Christine into thinking some mysterious tank was buried in the back yard. Seashells under the azaleas along with countless little plant tags. Disintegrating plant pots. Roofing scraps. A giant aluminum nail. A trowel, significantly rusted. A hose spray head, marginally functional.

We still haven't made it to behind the house, but Christine's gotten partially around the back fence. We have cleared/weed whacked/trimmed/pruned most of the plants in the front and east that aren't part of the woods. There's still plenty of deferred landscape maintenance, but most of the wild appearance has been resolved.

Inside we haven't started on unpacking books. I have just barely started on my personal desk. Most of the day to day kitchen items are unpacked: china, decor, and pottery are outstanding. At least half the master bedroom boxes have been unpacked. The guest room boxes are stashed in the closet.

The garage storage hasn't been touched. We have, i think, identified most of the personal property that was left behind -- in many cases, such a boon! Shovels, rakes, pitchforks!

We have the air conditioning set to 74. Sometimes it feels stuffy and warm, other times crisp. I can't imagine setting it to the recommended 78.

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