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Whoops, didn't post...

Yesterday [Sunday], i forgot to take my antidepressants. Since it was a day of rest, though, it seemed to have no down side as i wasn't put in much of a situation that might trigger the blues. By the end of the day though, my hands and wrists ached so. (I am finding it harder to disbelieve i have arthritis.) I wonder how much the antidepressants affect pain perception.

Today i feel weary, and realize i haven't taken my antihistamine in some days. Could the weary brain fog be from low level allergies?

Christine asks if the low is a reaction to the horrific news from Florida. I don't think so. Just as with other shootings i find myself with a much more intellectual than emotional reaction.

I think tonight will be a herbicide application evening to the horrible autumn olive. Rain is coming later in the week. I am not excited about better living through chemistry, but a first attack on this invader that grows at almost every boundary between wood and clearing will need to be forceful. Over time i hope just continued lopping can slowly starve the root systems that are not killed.

And then there's the oxeye daisy, judged invasive by a number of states. And by me: i don't remember seeing them on roadsides growing up and now i see a good number in the roadsides of the area. My sister saved two stands for us when she mowed. They're going to seed now. I dare not compost those flower heads!


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