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Week One: sleeping and seating

Our household effects arrive next Monday. I'm somewhat preoccupied with the question of comfort since we are not exactly comfortable, definitely not overnight.

The seating and sleeping solutions on the way: a bed frame for the front room, two arm chairs (technically for the deck), two folding beach chairs, two folding "cafe" chairs, and some dining room table chairs. Hopefully, having more stuff will help the cats be more restful at night, reduce the fights and yowling. The arm chairs for the deck may be just right for giving us a place to relax, which we don't quite seem to have now.

We are currently sleeping on the pair of boxsprings for a kingsized bed, plus a bunch of hand me down kingsized comforters. This is more comfortable than the deflating air bed and the floor. Probably more comfortable than a random tent location, although a nice sandy spot might be more comfortable.

Course it's the cats yowling and fighting that really affects our sleep. We had Feliway, a feline calming pheromone, diffusing through the space until last night. We stopped it to see if the phernome was distressing. No immediate change.

The king sized bed was bought by my grandmother when she briefly lived with my parents. We're having a hard time finding someone available to move things at this time of year so the mattress, dresser, and mirror await an open day (June 20th currently). Along with the bedroom suite comes a white upholstered arm chair with Queen Anne legs. I promptly through a sheet over it and Luigi slept under it on pet fleece. He seems to now be dissatisfied. None seem to think it's a place for them to sit.

Christine got an oak arm chair from her sister. It's seat is a little high in my opinion, and the seat is barely cushioned. We used those two chairs for the first few days along with a step ladder and a portable stool. On Monday we bought two well padded office chairs from someone moving to Portugal thanks to Craig's List. That made the last two workdays possible. They're visually bulky, but i think they will do for quite some while.

The sellers left a nice metal glider (loveseat sized) and an absolutely filthy lounge chair. We cleaned up the glider, bought cushions, and it's been comfortable for the evening. It's nice for one person and one cat. We have the cushion for the lounge chair, too. Cleaning that up is on the to-do list.

From that list it seems we should be comfortable but the experience is not one of comfort. Probably we just need a few good nights' sleep. I hope we can figure out what the cats need soon.

We now have power tools for outside. I so wanted a reel mower, quiet and human powered. After a long chopping session ... Monday morning? ... i realized that right now we need all the leverage we can get in battling the invasive species. Christine has a weed whacker and i have a beefy self-propelled lawn mower. We assembled our tools last night and went to work. I was bright red and wrung out after mowing the large east yard, but i was also satisfied. I was able to easily lower the mower to two inches to crop the plants growing in the area we want to convert to a mossy glade, the raise it back to three or four inches to crop the area that will continue to have vascular plants as ground cover. Quite a bit of clover -- white clover (Trifolium repens) i presume -- as well as the invasive Japanese grass. I'm happy with the clover, and, if that's what we end up with mostly as "lawn" i'll be satisfied for a while. I made headway into the un-mowed areas my sister left. Today we may go out for the evening with Christine's sister, but if not i'll be getting the west side that has more unmown area.

So much, though, for the idea of gentle surveys and rescuing varieties of plants to right homes. The jungle quality of lush and rapid growth is impressive and we'd like to be able to actually walk the perimeter of the house. In the back, the vines and such are growing right up to the deck and the fenced area. I haven't heard from the Goat Squad yet: i may call today.

I do love having a clothes washer & dryer inside. I'm getting that chore taken care of more promptly, although the limited clothing and linens at hand may have something to do with it. Indeed, chores and settling in are taking all my free time, it seems.

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