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Bing's homepage art today [Sunday] -- an adorable photo of mama sealion and pup -- is a nod to the day without making it any more difficult for those for whom contemplation of motherhood brings grief or pain. I am thankful my maternal relationship has healed so over these past five ... eight? years. It took much work but i have such calm clear feelings when i think of my mother now....

I do wonder whether any of the sense of grief i felt earlier today had to do with my mother's betrayal in reading my journal and attempting to blackmail me with it while i was in high school. I had been thinking about bringing the journals out from the closet corner, where i had to disassemble the shelves to get at them, and into the shelves in our living room. Suddenly the thought of unsupervised family members in proximity to my journals came to mind -- and that is certainly out of the question.

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