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Sassafras, my new computer: I was finally able to transfer my personal data over the wifi Monday night, so i am tippity-tapping on the new machine right now. (And tippity tapping is right: the keyboard action is quite different.) I have the ethernet adapter to sort out, but it's great to have a personal machine back.

I think i have been a little more focussed this week. A architectural decision was made on Tuesday that takes some work of my team's plate. I'm disappointed but it also removes the stress of how i would specify the details in time for me to be on the road for a week. Christine's to-do list also had a particularly emotionally challenging item removed yesterday.

I don't often post about politics, particularly politicians. The issues i care about -- developing a sustainable way for all of us to share the planet with respect for all living things -- i feel i can best share by writing about my passions, and not dwelling on individuals.

But the Republican party horrifies me right now. I'm not sure how integrity has slipped so far out of favor: this, because of interviews with Trump supporters who "know Trump is just saying outrageous things" and doesn't mean them. Dr Ben Carson's lack of a grasp on the physical reality is perhaps not uncommon, but it seems a certain pointer to a disqualifying flaw. And Trump wants him to help pick a VP? (Christine is looking at the wikipedia article on the four horsemen of the apocalypse to figure out which one will be picked: she alleges Trump is Conquest.)

I did read a very helpful article that i'm sure one of you pointed out to me: http://religiondispatches.org/sympathy-for-the-devils-i-was-a-pastor-to-trump-supporters/ This has helped me understand how despair and anger can create a receptivity to the apparent message of Trump.

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