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As if i didn't have enough change in my life, i've bought a new computer. I wanted to wait until we moved but my current powerful laptop is crashing multiple times per day. I've tried the PRAM reset with no success. The laptop is a "late 2008 model" MacBook Pro so i've probably gotten a fair bit of work out of it.

I've been saving up for some time to actually buy two computers: a small laptop and a nice desktop mac for image editing. The MacBook Pro laptops seem underpowered for the price. On the other hand, the iMac would be a machine that will feel like an upgrade from my current MacBook Pro. I still really like using a laptop, though. So, i've bought the featherweight new MacBook. Two pounds. That's it. It's incredibly light. Admittedly, the screen is a little small, too, but i've been using a 13" screen for work that has similar pixel dimensions to my 15" personal computer. The new computer has the so called retina screen.

The new laptop also has only one port. You can power the computer OR you can connect it to a peripheral. To do the initial set up, including a migration from my current laptop, it must be plugged in. It looks like it will take seven more hours to transfer the data. The screen taunts me, suggesting that it would go faster if the machine were plugged into ethernet. Y'think Apple? Might want to provide some way to support that then!

Other than the pain of this initial data transfer, though, i think the limitations will be mostly unnoticed.

I'll name this computer sassafras, thinking ahead to the plants i expect to find in our new woods.

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In other news, Paramount is claiming copyright on the Klingon language. Ha! This is going to be fun to watch.

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