E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Feeling behind at work

Hi [Elaine] and J---,

Lest you think I’ve forgotten . . .

I am composing a ... guide, in which I plan to address both the preparation and execution of ...data migration and authentication setup.

I would prefer (first) to put together a skeletal structure of an approach for the authentication work that a [customer] must do as part of its overall migration to [thing], and put it in the guide for your review. I find that it’s usually best to ask someone to react to something, even if that something is totally off base or misses the mark.

And so, this week, I’m planning to clear unnecessary meetings from my schedule to devote dedicated time to fleshing out the guide and its pieces/sections, including authentication. Then, I’d like to meet with you, [Elaine], to review the authentication section and proposed approach.


I reply

Oh dear, I’m at a conference most of the week. I can clear Friday (currently marked as OOO) for this. I owe you the analysis diagram. You were able to get to the excel spread sheet?

T responds

Sorry, if something I wrote suggested a meeting on Friday. I won’t set up something with you, UNTIL I have drafted an approach. Again, apologies if I misled you into a sense of crisis or urgency for this week.

I reply

You can’t see me blush. It’s guilt on my part, sorry for reacting “out loud". You certainly didn’t imply or suggest: I’ve been distracted and I have a long list of things that I feel I am behind on.

T responds

HAHAHAHAHAHA . . . it’s kind of what I figured, but didn’t want to assume that.

It’s OK, believe me.

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