E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

So not a productive day, with some sort of procrastination cycle going on. I read the internet. Which is a joke, but recalls the time when i could read all my Usenet feed and there were just enough new posts to keep me going around and around. Did that fuel some good procrastination cycles in grad school.

Tonight we are keeping Edward in. He is pacing a bit, and then chasing Luigi. Christine worries he's going around wanting to relieve himself outside: i believe he's more like a teenager who wants to get away from his parents and go party in the moonlight.

I suspect i will be tromped on tonight. "Can i go out now?"

NO NEWS FROM THE SELLERS. Here's hoping they agree to do the repairs.

We're trying to decide how to get both vehicles across the country. We could ship one. Or we could each drive. We're going through various friends with whom we can imagine being stuck with for five days and asking if they're willing. My Dad volunteered my Mom, which ...erm, ... hmm.


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