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I'm trying to be less distracted than i have been of late.... and today's excuses are that during the team check in, someone was in a snit, and the conversation got a bit heated. I wasn't paying attention to myself, so i was responding in tone.

By the time i'd unwound from that, i was supposed to attend an hour and a half training session on how to use the new online tool for my "performance management." After registering for the class, i'd asked about the webex information so i could attend. ("The registration email doesn’t have a webex: are all of the trainings available to non-Dublin staff or did I miss annotations about which were available for telepresence?") I received a snippy email about how the course information explained the webex information would be coming later. Fine, i thought. Well, it didn't come. I spent some time being really peeved at being forgotten.

I've gone back to look and found, indeed, i missed the indicator that the class i signed up for was not available to remote staff. The person who gave me a short response missed that i had made a mistake.

--== ∞ ==--

Meanwhile, as i troubleshoot a critical production issue, i got a call from my Dad. He called to let me know he found a big rock on our property-to-be near the top of the rise at the back of the lot. He says the poplars back there are at least 100 ft high. (I trust his estimates way better than my own.) He's out walking with my brother who is visiting them for a couple of days. Looks like a lovely spring day in the photo of Dad with his foot on the rock. (This is all relevant because i asked Dad to walk the property line when he was there with Christine last week. He is delighted to find a section that isn't just recently overgrown farm land.

Remind me, when it's the nth time Dad pops by for coffee while i am working, that this is a lovely thing.

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