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There is so much for me to be thankful for.

I am thankful that Christine and i planned ahead about where we wanted to live, and were prepared for the rent increase. Having the energy and time to make such plans can be hard. We made decisions in a less pressured context, and so when the trigger event occurred, we were ready. It seemed so easy.

I'm thankful that my employer wants me to be happy, and that i can take my job with me.

I'm thankful i've spent the resources on healing the brokenness and pain i felt with respect to my mother and my growing up. I don't entirely know how the healing happened, but i'm able to respond to her with compassion now. I worry -- not part of a thankfulness exercise -- about her mental and cognitive health. I am thankful to be there with her now, with the capacity to hold space for her.

I'm not sure i'm thankful about my sprained ankle, but i am aware that it was waiting for Christine to pick me up -- because i did not feel like walking -- that gave me the time to see that this house has gone on the market. I'm glad i saw it then: the offers came in fast and furious on the place.

I'm glad my Dad is someone i can trust to help sort out home maintenance questions.

I'm thankful Christine had this trip lined up, so that we didn't have to pay a short notice air fare for her to see the place.

I'm glad Christine feels ease and clarity about using her inheritance from her mother towards the new home and the move. I can imagine a conflicted heart about moving back now, not before, but that doesn't seem to be there.

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