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Yesterday i went through craft boxes. Paper, paint, pastels. Bits of wood, and mirrors, and test tubes and things saved from this that and the other. A pump to make a water fountain. Some sort of home automation stuff from pre-internet of things days.

I have consolidated a good deal, but there was a bit of ache as i declared certain projects abandoned, picked out stitches, or tossed things in the trash. It's not all quite ready to move, and i still have things to list on freecycle, but i am happy with my success in the purge. I wasn't ruthless: i'm happy to have kept things that i think will be fun to use with the kids. I am lighter by a bit. One reality is that these days bits for projects are easy to find on eBay or such: hoarding treasures isn't quite as necessary.

--== ∞ ==--

One of the Meeting kerfluffles, based on my being sharp with a newcomer when she interrupted worship during meeting for business (and her not understanding what was going on), may finally be at an end. That person had, last week, posted a notice that newcomers aren't actually welcome to Meeting for Business. This has caused quite a stir, and retriggered for me the guilt i feel at having not been more gentle but has also made me feel a bit bitter. I apologized sincerely, but this person seems to be carrying misunderstandings. She's finally posted to the list again, and her misunderstandings are clearly pronounced (we were not going to vote, and certainly not on whether to hear from her). I hope our worship and ministry committee will get its act together and post a statement about expected behaviors at meeting for business.

Not holding my breath for that, though.

I will be recording clerk today, so i need to clear my mind of this frustration and focus on the business at hand.

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