E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Up and down, up and down. Christine had a much easier day yesterday. I tried walking a mile from the office to the train station: my feet were unhappy. How much was stretching them off and on all day at work is hard to know. Also, i suspect my compression wrapping.

Poor feet. They love being unconstrained by shoes, toes wiggling away in the air. I wonder if i can find supportive sandals....

We've found a few other places that are quite nice: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1761-Russell-Chapel-Church-Rd-Pittsboro-NC-27312/74946762_zpid/?view=public is gleaming at the top of the wish list at the moment. (What is the restrictive covenant, i wonder, and is there decent bandwidth?)



The realtor is drawing up the offer. We've all agreed to ignore that the covenants limit to two cats. (No limit on dogs. I guess Edward will be a dog.) (How can you limit to two cats but twelve chickens -- you could have twelve roosters but only two cats??) (Covenant expires in October 2017.)

So, other than the cat thing (note: Mountain View zoning limits to two cats, when we were in Philly we weren't supposed to have any pets but the landlord said not to worry about it), it looks like a lovely piece of North Carolina heaven.

Or hell in July and August, 'cause i am going to DIE in the humidity, but....

OMG i can't believe we are making an offer on a house. (There's one offer for the house above already and there might be others tomorrow - there were seven showings today.)

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